World Atlas of Coral Reefs

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World Atlas Coral Reefs.jpg

World Atlas Coral Reefs.jpg


Pages: 424

List price: $59.00

Publisher: University of California Press

Year published: 2001

ISBN: 0520232550

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This is an amazing work and the best collection of coral reef maps between two covers. Included are images of coral reefs from space, astonishing color maps of the oceans' floor, and details of reefs large and small throughout the world. Each country is profiled with a wealth of data about reef areas, diversity, and status of the reefs.

Opening chapters clearly explain the origins and biology of coral reefs, with overviews of the organisms that build and inhabit shallow-water tropical reefs.

Produced with the support of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) World Conservation Monitoring Center.


"As the author of books about the ocean, I've read a lot of other books and articles about coral reefs. This is by far the best and most thorough book of its kind. Want to know what conditions are like on the Great Barrier Reef system? Around the Red Sea? Off Sulawesi? This is the place to go for answers. With wonderful maps and easy-to-understand text, it's destined to become the standard reference for divers, marine biologists and armchair adventurers who just want to learn more about this precious and fascinating ecosystem."
— Osha Gray Davidson (Iowa City, Iowa), Amazon Reviews