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Life and Death in the Rain Forests of Central and South America
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Pages: 272

List price: $14.00

Publisher: Touchstone

Year published: 1987

ISBN: 0684187108

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"Tropical Nature...seeks to provoke curiosity about the forests -- not just provide facts about them -- and succeeds splendidly....this book evokes the magic and wonder of a world completely contained within itself."


"Tropical Nature is superior by virtue of its freshness and authority. It is an account of the extraordinary richness of the tropical forests by two gifted young biologists who have recently experienced it and are experts on their subject. They write with the crispness of journalists sending dispatches from the field."
— E. O. Wilson

"Combines excellent science, often based on original observations, with a warm sympathy for creatures big and small. A worthy successor to the writings of the great naturalists of the American tropics. I know of no better introduction to tropical biology."br /> — Ernst Mayr