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Biologist and author Svein A. Fosså.

Svein Fossa bio.jpg Svein A. Fosså is an ichthyologist, co-author of the The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium series, and a leading international voice for responsible and sustainable practices in the aquarium trade.

He has been an aquarist since early childhood and possesses a wide range of experiences with freshwater and marine aquarium keeping. He holds a degree in biology from the University of Bergen, specializing in systematic ichthyology.

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Svein, who resides with his wife and two children in the small, picturesque town of Grimstad on the south coast of Norway, has been involved with the aquatics trade since 1986. Since 1992, he has worked as an independent author and advisor on aquarium techniques, ichthyology, and pet trade policies and legislation worldwide. He lectures regularly in many countries, and has authored several articles, reports and other publications, including a number of previous works on reef aquarium keeping and reef animals with Alf Jacob Nilsen.

Svein is secretary general of the Norwegian Pet Trade Association (NZB), and secretary of the Scandinavian Pet Trade Union (SPTU). He sits on the boards of the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) and Ornamental Fish International (OFI), where he also served as president for four years.

Besides his passionate interest in nature and aquatic biology, Svein is an ardent traveler with a keen interest in geography, history and human culture, including gastronomy and food history. Svein A. Fosså is the author of: