Splendid Dottyback

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Manonichthys splendens - Fowler, 1931
Splendid Dottyback

A beautiful but fiesty fish. Scott W. Michael

[edit] Overview

These are wonderful reef aquarium fishes and are some of the most elegant of all the dottybacks. These medium-sized dottybacks can be quite scrappy in the home aquarium, especially in a smaller tank. They may pester smaller and more passive fish tankmates, but this is less of a concern in a larger reef aquarium.

Family: Pseudochromidae

Other common name(s):

Native range:

Habitat: In the wild, it lives in close proximity to corals and sponges where it can find shelter from larger predators. Provide a live rock cave or overhang.

Maximum length: 13 cm (5 in)

Minimum aquarium size: 114 L (30 gal)

Water: Marine 24 °C (297 K, 75 °F) - 28 °C (301 K, 82 °F)

General swimming level: Bottom.

[edit] Feeding

Meaty foods, including finely shredded frozen seafood, mysid shrimp, frozen preparations, pigment-enriched flake food, and Cyclop-eeze. Feed every other day in a reef tank.

[edit] Aquarium Compatibility

While perfectly safe with all corals and giant clams, they will feed on ornamental shrimps and will prey on bristleworms.

[edit] Breeding/Propagation

Demersal spawners that produce masses of eggs in caves. See Wittenrich The Complete Illustrated Breeder's Guide to Marine Aquarium Fishes for a captive-breeding protocol.

Reference: A PocketExpert Guide to Reef Aquarium Fishes
Image credit: SWM
Text credit: SWM
Facts about Splendid DottybackRDF feed
Common name Splendid Dottyback  +
Family Pseudochromidae  +
Genus Manonichthys  +
Image credit SWM  +
Maximum length 5 in  +
Minimum aquarium size 30 gal  +
Native range Indo-Pacific  +, Philippines  +, Indonesia  +, and Australia  +
Reference A PocketExpert Guide to Reef Aquarium Fishes  +
Specific name splendens  +
Swimming level Bottom.  +
Text credit SWM  +
Water max temp 301 K (28 °C, 82 °F)  +
Water min temp 297 K (24 °C, 75 °F)  +
Water type Marine  +