Common Lionfish

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  Common Lionfish

Common name  Common Lionfish, Volitans Lionfish, Black Volitans Lionfish, Red Lionfish

Image credit  SWM

Maximum length  15 in

Minimum aquarium size  75 gal

Specific name  volitans

Swimming level  All levels.

Text credit  SWM

Water max temp  301 K (28 °C, 82 °F)

Water min temp  297 K (24 °C, 75 °F)

Water type  Marine

Family  Scorpaenidae +

Genus  Pterois +

Native range  Indo-West Pacific +, Cocos-Keeling Islands +, Western Australia +, Marquesas Islands +, Pitcairn Islands +, Southeastern China +, Southern Korea +, Lord Howe Island +, Northern New Zealand +, Austral Islands +

Reference  101 Best Saltwater Fishes +

Categories  Species +


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