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The Australia New Guinea Fishes Association brings together aquarists, scientists, and conservationists interested in the native fishes of the Australian continent. They publish Fishes of Sahul.

Aquarium Fish International

Monthly magazine for keepers of freshwater and marine aquariums.

Australian Aquarium

"A magazine for the ardent Australian Aquarist." Published bi-monthly by Catch Publishing.

Coral Magazine

CORAL is The Reef & Marine Aquarium Magazine, an English-language edition of the highly acclaimed KORALLE edited by Daniel Knop in Germany.

OFI Journal

Official publication of Ornamental Fish International, a leading aquarium industry organization.

Practical Fishkeeping

Monthly British magazine for freshwater, marine, and brackish water aquarium enthusiasts.

Reading Trees Publications

C ... The Journal of Aquatic Science, Travel, and Adventure is an eclectic quarterly on aquatic and reef-oriented topics.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist

The World's Leading Aquarium Magazine for Over Half a Century

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