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Silver Dollar

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Metynnis maculatus - (Kner, 1858)
Silver Dollar

A piranha lookalike with a powerful bite mostly used on plants or small fishes.

[edit] Overview

Most Silver Dollars get quite large, and are active schooling fishes that require very large tanks to thrive.

They are not particularly colorful as adults and may eat smaller fishes. Likewise, they are not suited for a planted tank, being active grazers.

Family: Characidae

Other common name(s):

Native range:

Habitat: Quiet river and stream shorelines. Provide shelter in the form of sunken driftwood or rock. They will quickly decimate all tender plants.

Maximum length: 18 cm (7 in)

Minimum aquarium size: 208 L (55 gal)

Water: Freshwater 20 °C (293 K, 68 °F) - 28 °C (301 K, 82 °F)

General swimming level: Mid-level.

[edit] Feeding

Omnivore. Will readily take all aquarium foods, but feeds heavily on plants. Offer Spirulina, leaf lettuce, nori sheets, and other vegetable fare. Larger specimens will need herbivore sticks or large pellets.

[edit] Aquarium Compatibility

Generally a peaceful fish, but best matched with large tankmates in aquariums that have ample space for them to exercise their swimming habits. Keep in groups of 3 or more.

[edit] Special Care

The Silver Dollar has substantial dentition and can deliver a painful bite if provoked.

Will jump from the water if frightened. Be sure the aquarium is securely covered.

[edit] Breeding/Propagation

Pairs will scatter eggs, up to 2,000 per spawning. First foods for fry include finely powdered dry foods, pulverized egg yolk and newly hatched brine shrimp.

Reference: 101 Best Tropical Fishes
Image credit: JJ
Text credit: KW
Facts about Silver DollarRDF feed
Common name Silver Dollar  +
Family Characidae  +
Genus Metynnis  +
Image credit JJ  +
Maximum length 7 in  +
Minimum aquarium size 55 gal  +
Native range South America  +, and Paraguay River Basin  +
Reference 101 Best Tropical Fishes  +
Specific name maculatus  +
Swimming level Mid-level.  +
Text credit KW  +
Water max temp 301 K (28 °C, 82 °F)  +
Water min temp 293 K (20 °C, 68 °F)  +
Water type Freshwater  +