Reticulate Dascyllus

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Dascyllus reticulatus - (Richardson, 1846)
Reticulate Dascyllus

This small dascyllus can be kept with more passive fishes in a large aquarium. Scott W. Michael

[edit] Overview

This is one of the smaller, more sociable Dascyllus species, and one with an alluring appearance and character.

Family: Pomacentridae

Other common name(s):

  • Reticulated Dascyllus
  • Reticulated Damselfish
  • Gray Humbug
  • Headband Humbug
  • Twostriped Damselfish

Native range:

Habitat: Occurs in outer lagoon and seaward reefs. Inhabits branching coral heads. Forms schools, often in silty habitats.

Maximum length: 8 cm (3 in)

Minimum aquarium size: 76 L (20 gal)

Water: Marine 24 °C (297 K, 75 °F) - 28 °C (301 K, 82 °F)

[edit] Feeding

Meaty foods, including finely shredded frozen seafood, mysid shrimp, frozen preparations, pigment-enriched flake food, and Cyclop-eeze. Feed twice a day if algae is in short supply.

[edit] Aquarium Compatibility

It can be kept with more passive fishes in a large aquarium, but it should not be housed with peaceful species in small tanks. While juveniles do well in groups, as they get larger they may quarrel. This is especially true if appropriate microhabitat (e.g., stony coral colonies) is limited.

[edit] Notes

This species is very similar to the Indian Dascyllus (D. carneus). It differs in having less black on the dorsal fin and lacks blue highlights on the scales (these are present in D. carneus).

Reference: A PocketExpert Guide to Reef Aquarium Fishes
Image credit: SWM
Text credit: SWM
Facts about Reticulate DascyllusRDF feed
Common name Reticulate Dascyllus  +, Reticulated Dascyllus  +, Reticulated Damselfish  +, Gray Humbug  +, Headband Humbug  +, and Twostriped Damselfish  +
Family Pomacentridae  +
Genus Dascyllus  +
Image credit SWM  +
Maximum length 3 in  +
Minimum aquarium size 20 gal  +
Native range Cocos-Keeling Islands  +, Samoa  +, Line Islands  +, Southern Japan  +, Rowley Shoals  +, and Lord Howe Island  +
Reference A PocketExpert Guide to Reef Aquarium Fishes  +
Specific name reticulatus  +
Text credit SWM  +
Water max temp 301 K (28 °C, 82 °F)  +
Water min temp 297 K (24 °C, 75 °F)  +
Water type Marine  +