Reef Fishes Volume 5

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Wrasses & Parrotfishes
The Complete Illustrated Guide to their Identification, Behaviors, and Captive Care

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Pages: 400

List price: $69.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Series: The Reef Fishes Series

Year published: 2008

ISBN: 1890087440

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"The Best Volume Yet!"

With spectacular coverage of the wrasses, the second-largest family of marine fishes and among the most popular and most sought-after species in the aquarium world, this is the highly anticipated fifth volume of Scott Michael’s definitive Reef Fishes Series.

With more than 700 full-color images, Wrasses & Parrotfishes brilliantly profiles hundreds of the species that are among the most popular among marine aquarists of all skill levels.

The incredibly diverse and fascinating Family Labridae ranges from the glorious Thalassoma, Halichoeres and Coris wrasses, and the huge array of flasher and fairy wrasses, to many other species prized by saltwater aquarists: the hogfishes, the much-loved bird wrasse, the rockmover, maori, razorfish, cleaner wrasses.

Wrasse Genera covered: Anampses, Bodianus, Cheilinus and Oxycheilinus, Choerodon, Cirrhilabrus, Coris, Gomphosus, Halichoeres, Hemigymnus, Hologymnosus, Labroides, Macropharyngodon, Novaculichthys, Paracheilinus, Pseudocheilinus, Pseudocoris, Pseudodax, Pseudojuloides, Pterogogus, Stethojulis, Thalassoma, Wetmorella.

Download a Sample: Wrasses Introduction.

Wrasses & Parrotfishes also includes everything an aquarist needs to know about the Family Scaridae, the amazing parrotfishes: their unique life habits and why they are best appreciated in the wild, where they are among the most biologically interesting members of the reef community.

Parrotfish Genera covered include Scarus, Spirasoma, Cetoscarus, and others.


“A must-have reference book brimming with brilliant photography, hard-to-find care and feeding advice, and many new and exciting species.”
—Dr. John E. Randall

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Each species entry includes:

  • Natural history and biology notes from the wild
  • Identification
  • Behaviors—in nature and in the aquarium • Foods and feeding tips • Selection and buying advice
  • Captive care techniques and husbandry secrets.

Representing more than two decades of research, writing, and underwater photography, the Reef Fishes Series books provide authoritative coverage of hundreds of dazzling species, with their social behaviors, food habits, modes of reproduction, and expert advice for keeping them alive and healthy in the home aquarium.