Reef Fishes Volume 2

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Basslets, Dottybacks & Hawkfishes
Includes seven additional aquarium fish families.

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Pages: 296

List price: 44.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Series: The Reef Fishes Series

Year published: 2004

ISBN: 1890087335

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Families covered in this volume:

  • Family Serranidae / Groupers, Soapfishes, Reef Basslets
  • Family Pseudochromidae / Dottybacks
  • Family Grammatidae / Grammas
  • Family Plesiopidae / Longfins
  • Family Opistognathidae / Jawfishes
  • Family Priacanthidae / Bigeyes
  • Family Cirrhitidae / Hawkfishes
  • Family Cheilodactylidae / Morwongs
  • Family Apogonidae / Cardinalfishes
  • Family Malacanthidae / Tilefishes


Scott Michael continues his Reef Fishes series with this excellent book. The gorgeous photographs allow easy identification, often including multiple photos for color variations due to location, sex, etc. It also includes information on maximum length, distribution, and biology useful to both divers and aquarists, as well as captive care and aquarium suitability ratings. This volume along with the others in the series are a must have for any serious marine aquarist, as well as any diver interested in ID'ing and learning about coral reef fishes. Highly recommended!

-Steve Pratt, Amazon