Reef Fish Identification: Tropical Pacific

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Pages: 457

List price: $45.00

Publisher: New World Publications

Year published: 2003

ISBN: 1878348361

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The top-rated field guide to marine fishes of the Indo-Pacific, with 2,500 color photographs and some 2,000 species.


"This book revolutionised fish ID in the tropical South Pacific when it first came out. We live and work in Fiji in the marine environment and have 4 of these on our shelf (for use of staff in the field as well as office)

The only drawback we find is the bizarre choice of common names. There are already a plethora of other books out there with common names fairly well established in Fiji by Lieske & Meyers. Seems to follow more of an Australian theme for these than the prevous Paul Humann books which use the American common names.

But overall a MUST for any diver who visits the Tropical Pacific. If you use it in conjunction with Lieske & Meyers (and) if you don't find the fish you're looking at, prepare to be published!" —Stuart N. Gow, Amazon Reviews