Marine Husbandry

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Quarantine tank, a first line of defense against disease and parasites. Josh Highter
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Marine Water Quality

When asked to give help or advice to a marine hobbyist with a problem, I find that the subject of water quality comes up almost instantly.

Quite often, when I ask how someone’s water quality is I get an answer like “Fine.”

I can be of little help to the person who responds in this way because I do not know what he or she means by “fine.” I cannot stress too strongly how important it is to be able to describe your water conditions using the simple measures we all need to know. Read more...

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How to Mix & Match Fishes

Most potential dog owners—or at least the prudent ones—spend some time researching the breed or breeds they are thinking about buying. If you’ve ever owned or paged through a book on canine puppies and breeds, you know they usually have a sizeable chapter on selecting the “right dog” for your specific lifestyle. I only wish that more marine fishkeepers were as thoughtful when choosing new species for their aquariums. Read more...

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The Well-Kept Marine Aquarium

When I was a boy I used to walk for endless hours on the sugar-sand beaches of northern Florida. I explored every tide pool and jetty. I watched the fish swim in and out of the rocks in water so bright and clear it almost looked like crystal. I loved the ocean. I never wanted to leave it and when vacation was over each summer I would protest bitterly. I wanted to take the ocean with me, the creatures, the tide pools, all of it! Read more...