Kunstformen der Natur

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Art Forms in Nature - The Prints of Ernst Haeckel
Modern replica edition of some of Haeckel's classic work.

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  • Ernst Haeckel

Pages: 139

List price: $25.00

Publisher: Prestel Publishing

Series: 3791319906

Year published: 1899-1904

ISBN: 3791319906

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[edit] Description

Every biology student knows Ernst Haeckel as the originator of the "Biogenetic Law": ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Haeckel was a passionate student of the evolutionary shaping of biological forms, and Art Forms in Nature captures both his artistic sensibility and the scientific rigor he applied to all his studies. First published in 1904, Art Forms in Nature is a glorification of function and form, a demonstration of organic symmetry that has nothing--and everything--to do with nature as it actually exists. Each plate exhibits organisms carefully arranged and exquisitely detailed, "a symbiosis between decorative sketches and descriptive observations of nature," as Olaf Breidbach states in his fascinating introductory text. The radiolarians, medusae, rotifers, bryozoans, and even frogs and turtles lovingly recreated here are gorgeous and self-explanatory, rendered in delicate, filigreed lines, and colored gently with muted green, delicate pink, and sepia. Art students will appreciate the designs found in nature--scientists will love the evolutionary statement of form inherent in the beauty. --Therese Littleton, Amazon.com

Beware the "Mini" versions of Haeckel's work by this publisher. They are postcard size.

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Author Ernst Haeckel  +
ISBN 3791319906  +
Image Haeckel Book.jpg  +
List price $25.00  +
Pages 139  +
Publisher Prestel Publishing  +
Series 3791319906  +
Subtitle Art Forms in Nature - The Prints of Ernst Haeckel  +
Year published 1,899 -1904  +