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Jenkinson's Beach Boardwalk Aquarium

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[edit] Overview

This privately owned Aquarium is located on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. Open since 1991, it works primarily as an educational and community resource. The exhibits are wide-ranging, from coral reefs and sharks to penguins and alligators.

[edit] Child’s (and Grown-Ups) Play

The Aquarium offers workshops for children and adults. Children’s topics include penguins and a behind-the-scenes tour; adult workshops focus on local watersheds, invertebrates and reptiles.

[edit] Adopt-A-Penguin

For $75, anyone can adopt a penguin at the Aquarium. You receive a plush penguin and an adoption certificate describing “your” penguin’s personality traits and vital stats.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Jenkinson's Beach Boardwalk Aquarium
300 Boardwalk
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742
North America

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Continent North America  +
Country US  +
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Organization name Jenkinson's Beach Boardwalk Aquarium  +
Organization type Public Aquaria  +
Phone 732-892-0600  +
Postal code 08742  +
Region code NJ  +
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Street address 300 Boardwalk  +
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