Glowlight Tetra

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Hemigrammus erythrozonus - Durbin, 1909
Glowlight Tetra

A "more the merrier" schooling species much liked by both beginning and expert aquarists.


The Glowlight Tetra is a perennial favorite among both beginning and advanced aquarists who appreciate the beauty it brings to a tank when kept in schools. This is a small silver tetra adorned with a red “racing stripe,” with a gold variety now available.

Family: Characidae

Other common name(s):

Native range:

Habitat: Dark background and substrate, and plenty of plants with lots of open swimming room is just the ticket for the Glowlight Tetra.

Maximum length: 4 cm (2 in)

Minimum aquarium size: 38 L (10 gal)

Water: Freshwater 22 °C (72 °F) - 26 °C (79 °F)

General swimming level: Midwater.


Omnivore. Glowlight Tetras are greedy eaters that will accept all kinds of commercial aquarium fare, including good-quality flakes, freeze-dried and frozen foods. Supplement their diets with Spirulina, and color-enhancing flakes. The occasional feeding of small live foods like adult brine shrimp will also be appreciated.

Aquarium Compatibility

Glowlight Tetras are peaceful fishes that should be kept in groups of at least four—the more the merrier. It is slightly larger than the Neon Tetra, and its peaceful disposition makes it an ideal tankmate for a peaceful community aquarium. Keep with fishes of similar size and temperament.


Glowlight Tetras scatter their non-adhesive eggs among fine-leaved plants. Most breeders provide them with soft water conditioned with peat moss or peat extract to replicate conditions in their native habitats.


Like most tetras, they require good water quality and filtration, as well as regular water changes.

Reference: 101 Best Tropical Fishes
Image credit: JJ
Text credit: KW