Crocodile Catfish

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Bagarius suchus - Roberts, 1983
Crocodile Catfish

Bagarius suchus in a European aquarium shop.


Although not as large as the Goonch, Bagarius yarrelli, this is a formidable catfish that is sometimes acquired as a small juvenile by freshwater aquarists.

A species for enthusiasts with large tanks and a bent for big, predatory species, the Crocodile Catfish will usually end up as the last fish in a tank, having eaten all of its mates.

Often found in whitewater rapids in the wild, it is caught and sold in food markets, but the flesh reportedly spoils quickly and has a reputation for causing illness.

Family: Sisoridae

Other common name(s):

Native range:

Maximum length: 70 cm (28 in)

Water: Freshwater 20 °C (68 °F) - 28 °C (82 °F)

General swimming level: Bottom.


Carnivorous, primarily targeting other fishes.

Aquarium Compatibility

A fisheating predator, it is best kept in a species tank or with fishes that match its own size.