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Image:Chaetodontoplus caerulopunctatus.jpg

Chaetodontoplus caerulopunctatus, Bluespotted Angelfish. Scott W. Michael

Family: Pomacanthidae

Species in Genus Chaetodontoplus:

Reference: A PocketExpert Guide to Reef Aquarium Fishes
Image credit: SWM
Text credit: SWM


For expert reefkeepers only, this genus has some of the most highly prized species in the marine aquarium universe.

Although juveniles will often behave themselves in the reef aquarium, as they grow they will become more of a threat to sessile invertebrates. They usually do not bother more toxic soft corals (e.g., Cladiella, Lemnalia, Lobophytum, and Sinularia) and often ignore mushroom anemones, but large-polyped stony corals, the oral discs of sea anemones, and clam mantles are sometimes nipped by these grazers.

Sponges comprise the bulk of their diet in the wild, so provide a varied captive menu that includes vegetable matter and frozen sponge rations. If they well fed, they are less likely to begin picking on corals. Feed them three to five smaller portions each day.

More delicate members of the genus acclimate more readily in a tank full of green filamentous algae or macroalgae. These fishes are susceptible to ich and velvet disease (these can be difficult to treat in the reef tank) and the viral infection Lymphocystis. Be sure to quarantine and condition new individuals before placing them into your reef tank.