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An Aquarist's Journal

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Pages: 285

List price: $19.95

Publisher: Green Turtle Press

Year published: 1997

ISBN: 0939960095

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This is a pioneering book about breeding a coveted marine aquarium fish, Pseudochromis fridmani, by one of the leading figures in the history of modern aquarium keeping.

In Martin Moe's folksy but erudite way, it wends a path toward success with many surprises and moments of truth. This book is loaded with tips and tricks that are of interest to any marine aquarium hobbyist. This is must reading for anyone interested in marine fish breeding, with many practical tips and unorthodox larval feeding secrets included.


"A great read as well as an educational book for breeders and hobbyists alike. It gives a realistic (if amusing!) account of the author's experiences both good and bad... Even though Martin is hardly an amateur, having bred marine fishes has previously and even commercially, the tips, tricks, trials and tribulations are very relevant. —Amazon