Aquarium Sharks and Rays

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An Essential Guide to Their Selection, Keeping, and Natural History
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Pages: 216

List price: $44.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

Series: Microcosm/TFH Professional Series

Year published: 1999

ISBN: 1890087572

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  • Foreword by Martin A. Moe, Jr.
  • AS FASCINATING AS THEY ARE FEARED, sharks and rays have captivated the human imagination since prehistoric times.

In a long-awaited, authoritative guide, expert aquarist and reef naturalist Scott Michael provides the definitive introduction to the biology and behavior of these fishes.

  • "Owning a shark or ray is a great responsibility," says Michael, who has been involved in field research with some of the world's leading shark biologists. "It is your obligation to choose specimens wisely and to provide the system and care it takes to allow them to thrive in your home aquarium."

"The state of the art of maintaining sharks and rays in home aquaria..."

--Martin Moe

Chapters cover:

  • Natural History of Sharks and Rays
  • Species Selection and Identification
  • Aquarium Setup and Maintenance
  • Feeding, health, and breeding
  • Avoiding the Common Pitfalls



It goes into so much detail, from the family to each individual fish (only ones found in aquarium trade though). There is a chapter on common parasites and a range of different treatment methods for both bacterial and parasitic infections, which foods might induce feeding in a new specimen (and which to avoid), size and housing ratios, different methods of filtration, descriptions of many different fishes that can and can't be kept with sharks/rays, a chapter on captive reproduction for many different species and how to care for the newborns, if necessary- how to force feed, materials suitable for custom tanks, plus so much information (ph, specific gravity, copper sensitivity, feeding habits, acclimation to aquarium, degree of rarity in trade- from exceedingly common to rarely seen, ease of captive care, suitable size tank ex.110 gal or whatever number in liters [from metric to imperial applies to dimensions also], to each species distinctive features) about the individual sharks and rays themselves. Plus so much more. A definite 5!
—Ara Silver, Amazon Reviews