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Pages: 126

List price: $12.95

Publisher: iUniverse

Year published: 2001

ISBN: 0595201512

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[edit] Description


An important reference book for anyone thinking about a career working in aquariums.

When asked about their career plans, a high percentage of students today say they are interested in working as marine biologists. One major facet of this line of work is that of an aquarist-a person who works with living animals in aquariums.

Aquarium Careers describes various aquarium careers and how to obtain a job in this exciting field.

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This book is currently out of print. It can be found by searching for the title from used book sellers. Search Aquarium Careers Hemdal.

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Author Jay F. Hemdal  +
ISBN 0595201512  +
Image Aquarium Careers.jpg  +
List price $12.95  +
Pages 126  +
Publisher IUniverse  +
Year published 2,001  +