Algae: A Problem Solver Guide

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Algae- A Problem Solver Guide.jpg


Pages: 80

List price: $16.95

Publisher: Two Little Fishies

Year published: 2002

ISBN: 1883693020

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A compact manual for avoiding or getting rid of nuisance algae in the marine aquarium, by one of the pioneers of reef aquarium keeping.


If the reader cannot find a way to rid the algae problem from the tank(s) they have after consulting this book, they should likely not be aquarium owners. I maintain five different large tanks with various conditions, both freshwater and saltwater, and I am constantly being asked how do I keep the tanks cleaned of algae...I always refer them to this book! A must buy for any beginner aquarist, or the more seasoned aquarist who just can't get a grip on things! —S. Johnson, Amazon Reviews

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