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Alf Jacob Nilsen is a biologist, teacher, and author of many articles and books, including The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium series, which he has coauthored with Svein A. Fosså in both German and English.

Alf Jacob was born and bred in Kir­kehamn, a small fishing village on the island of Hidra, situated on the coastline of southern Norway. Grow­ing up along the North Sea, he says that the oceans have always been a natural part of his life, and he and his family continue living on this beautiful island.

Alf Jacob holds a degree in Pedagogic Science from the Teaching Academy of Stavanger and a degree in biology from the University of Bergen. At the present time he works as a teacher in Natural History and Math­ematics in the local school, where he also teaches students who have learning disabilities.

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He has been a marine aquarist since 1979, and has published numerous articles on the subject of reefkeeping and invertebrate biology in a number of magazines in Europe and North America. He speaks frequently on the same topics at international conferences and gatherings of reef aquarists.

Alf Jacob is a member of the International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS), and as a certified scuba diver he has visited and photographed coral reefs in many parts of the world. He is the founder of Bioquatic Photo, a natural history photo library that spans his interests in aquariums, marine biology, the seas, foreign travel, and astronomy. Alf Jacob Nilsen is the author of: