Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques

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Pages: 432

List price: $59.95

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications

Year published: 2006

ISBN: 0793805651

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Written by a respected public aquarist, this important new book addresses topics like fish mass determination, fish pharmacology, and ethics and aquariums.

The author also thoroughly discusses common problems such as diet and nutrition, tankmate selection and maintaining proper water quality. In addition to detailed care information for a wide variety of both common and rare fish species, this book covers non-fish aquatic animals , such as octopuses, rare shrimps and other invertabrates.

Inspiring photographs highlight the awesome beauty of a variety of marine creatures while numerous graphs and charts makethe information easy to understand and apply.


Of the 70 or so marine aquarium books I have this is certainly in the top five. There is information here that is simply not easily available from other sources and the book itself is very well written and illustrated. This is not a book for beginers because it assumes a basic level of knowledge and, thankfully, skips over such discussions as the nitrogen cycle, etc. There are few books written in this field that I would read cover to cover, yet this book is compelling and highly informative. I am surprised by how much I've learned from Hemdal's writing and how relevant it all is to my level of interest. Highly recommended!
L. Bruce Jones, Amazon Reviews

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