The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Saltwater Aquarium

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Pages: 304

List price: $18.95

Publisher: Alpha

Year published: 2008

ISBN: 1592578268

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[edit] Description

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Saltwater Aquariums offers nearly 1,000 descriptions and pictures of marine fishes, corals, plants, and invertebrates among sixty family groupings on an easy-to-use cross-referenced CD-ROM.

Presented in straightforward, readable text focused on the best species to consider, compatibility guidelines, general care recommendations, and what to do if things go wrong, this indispensable volume answers questions for both the novice and the experienced saltwater aquarium enthusiast.

• CD-ROM with nearly 1000 beautiful color pictures of marine fishes, all accompanied by clear, easy-to-understand text.

• Features tips on how to acclimatize to avoid harming the animals and advice on treating disease and problem-solving

• Includes information about filters, sumps, re­fugiums, calcium reactors, sterilizers, ozoniers, plumbing, lighting, and water

[edit] Reviews

This book is really a breath of fresh air in an industry of VERY stifling books! While not a colorful book, this is well written in a descriptive and easy way that renders it far more enjoyable and informative than half the other books that have first rate photos and "appear" to contain more information. I was looking for a book that would cover everything from inception to enjoyment with starting a salt water aquarium, and this book fit the bill. It also includes many up-to-date aquarium methods that other "guides" such as the Dummy's book don't offer, such as creating a refugium in the place of bio balls. For those of you who might have thought you were a "Dummy" in this hobby, please decide to be an "Idiot" instead! —Anne D., Amazon Reviews

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ISBN 1592578268  +
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List price $18.95  +
Pages 304  +
Publisher Alpha  +
Year published 2,008  +
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