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Out of the Blue: A New World-Class Gathering Place for the Most-Involved Aquarists.

Does the world need another aquarium website?

As life-long aquarium keepers and aquarium professionals, we think it needs this one.

We are launching Microcosm Aquarium Explorer as the must-visit site for the most-involved, most demanding, most curious aquarists.

Readers will come to count on Aquarium Explorer for:

  • The best species accounts online (fishes, invertebrates and plants—both marine and freshwater)
  • Trustworthy aquarium-keeping advice from published experts
  • Daily news from reefs and rainforests
  • New techniques, new products, new places to visit in their travels.

Let Quality Surround Your Message

Your advertisements on Aquarium Explorer will be an integral part of the content, on dynamic pages that have been strategically designed to balance informative text and great photography with ads from quality companies.

Can 600,000 Buyers Be Wrong?

In less than 10 years, the editors behind Aquarium Explorer have produced a body of aquarium books under the Microcosm imprint that have won the highest accolades and that have sold some 600,000 copies with a retail value of almost $20 million worldwide.

We know how to deliver great information in graphically appealing formats and how to engage readers.

Microcosm’s roster of world-class authors and contributors has included: Martin Moe, Scott Michael, Bob Fenner, John Tullock, Larry Jackson, Eric Borneman, Dr. J.E.N. (Charlie) Veron, Dr. Gerald R. (Gerry) Allen, Paul Humann, Alf Jacob Nilsen, Svein Fosså, Charles Delbeek, Aaron Norman, Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett, Carl DelFavero, Dr. Ron Shimek, Chris Turk, Dr. John Randall, Mary Sweeney, Dr. John McCosker, and many others.

This tradition of using the best and brightest experts continues with Aquarium Explorer.

Online Media Kit

For further information about advertising on Microcosm Aquarium Explorer and CORAL Magazine, please contact:

James M. Lawrence
Editor & Publisher