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Aquarium Explorer reaches aquarists who think big.
Aquarium Explorer reaches enthusiasts of all ages.
Aquarium Explorer reaches the most adventurous aquarists.
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Aquarium Explorer reaches the most-involved aquarium keepers.
Aquarium Explorer reaches hobbyists looking for the best of everything.

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Quality Attracts Quality

The typical Aquarium Explorer reader stands out from the crowd:
a true enthusiast — whether beginner or expert — who wants the best of all worlds: the best information, the best livestock, the best equipment.

These are dedicated aquarists who take their passion wherever they go: visiting public aquaria, seeking new aquarium shops, traveling to far-flung places where they can snorkel, dive, and explore the native haunts of the livestock they keep.

They are the most-engaged aquarists in the world, with a constant hunger for new facts, new species, new ideas, and new products. They want expert advice, intelligent commentary and ways to be ever-better aquarium keepers.

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