Marine Plants and Algae

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Caulerpa mexicana, macroalgae used in refugia and for feeding, now banned in California. Bob Goemans

Aquatic Plants

Division Magnoliophyta

Flowering Plants

  • Number of Living Species: 230,000 (a fraction of a percent are marine).
  • Common Characteristics of seagrasses & mangroves: marine plants with the same basic structure as terrestrial flowering plants; adapted to saline water; able to grow when submerged; anchoring system to withstand wave action and tidal currents; water-pollinated.


Division Chlorophyta

Green Algae

Number of Living Species: 9,000-12,000, about 10 percent marine.

Common Characteristics: contain chlorophylls a and b; starch stored inside chloroplast.

Division Chromophyta

Diatoms, Golden Algae, Brown Algae, Kelps

  • Number of Living Species: 18,000, freshwater and marine.
  • Common Characteristics: most contain chlorophyll a; carotenoids present; starch stored outside chloroplast.

From: Reef Life by Denise Nielsen Tackett

Marine Plants and Algae

Marine BioGroups Plants and Algae families:

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 Marine Plants and Algae


Reference: Reef Life
Image credit: BG
Text credit: DNT