Texas State Aquarium

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Everything is Bigger in the Texas Aquarium

The number of exhibits and animals here is astounding. Visitors can see nurse sharks and green morays at Islands of Steel, the Gulf of Mexico exhibit; watch three Atlantic bottlenose dolphins play in the special underwater viewing room at Dolphin Bay; attend an otter training session; check out the sea grass exhibit; stick their fingers in a touch pool of minnows, pencil urchins and lightning whelks; stare into the eyes of seahorses and pipefishes; travel to the Amazon rainforest and view its exotic species, including tarantulas, piranhas, rare tamanduas (also knows as anteaters) and anacondas; be intrigued by the moon jellies and purple stripe jellies in the aptly-named Floating Phantoms tank; watch falcons and parrots in a conservation setting. Phew!

Off-Site Exhibit

There’s more! The Aquarium offers visitors a chance to see a 40,000 gallon coral reef replica in the Gulf of Mexico. Called the Flower Gardens, it is home to bright sponges and fishes like French angelfish and cow-nose stingrays.

Daily Shows

Daily presentation include dolphin training, reptile report, wild flight show, coral reef diving, and chat with a stingray keeper.

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Texas State Aquarium
2710 N Shoreline Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX 78402
North America


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