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Seeing Red: Secret Lives of Fishes Niko K. Michiels et al.
FEATURES: Buy A (Wild) Fish - Save A Tree
SPECIES PROFILES: Caribbean Giant Anemone. Janine Cairns-Michael
On Their Way to Extinction? Boycotting the Wild Banggai Cardinalfish Pengo/GNU
Sneak Preview - The New Steinhart Aquarium Thomas Hawk

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[edit] Snakeheads: Invasive Aquatic Aliens

One aquatic horror film proclaimed it "Part fish. Part snake. Pure Evil." National Geographic dubbed it "Fishzilla." Fishermen call it a "Pike on Steroids." The US Fish and Wildlife Service acknowledged the name "Frankenfish" and noted that Giant Snakeheads (Channa micropeltes) had "reportedly attacked, and in some instances killed, humans who approached the mass of young" being guarded by their parents. Read more...

[edit] Seeing Red - Science Discovers Secret Fluorescence in Fishes and Invertebrates

Now a team of researchers has discovered that 32 different reef fishes from 16 genera and five different families have the ability to display red fluorescence in daytime conditions and in waters without natural red light from the sun. Heads, eyes, and fins are the body regions that fluoresce most intensely, and it is surmised that the flashing of color is important in silent underwater communication between aquatic species. Read more...

[edit] A Tale of the Accidental Fish Breeder

It happened by accident. I had no intention of breeding any of my fishes. I had tried my hand at that, enjoyed the arrivals of plenty of fry, and just wasn’t interested in all the care and feeding required at the time. I had been keeping two pairs of adult Pearl Gouramis, Trichogaster leeri, and several assorted Corydoras catfishes in a 30-gallon tank when a wonderful friend presented me with a much-coveted albino Oscar, Astronotus ocellatus, for my birthday. Read more...

[edit] Banggai Boycott? Bah.

Letter of the Week: "In diving in and around the Banggai Islands for decades, seeing Pterapogon having been intentionally spread widely around Sulawesi (a massive island of some 73,000 square miles), and become resident along much of its shores, I can assure you that this fish is more than plentiful in its previous limited range, as well as where it has been transplanted...Read more...

[edit] Mutant Clowns - New Hit for the Nemo Crowd

[edit] Matt Wittenrich Live

The other day I was visiting a local Florida fish shop and came across some Percula Clownfish. They had been captive-raised by a local aquarist and brought to the fish shop with great pride. As I watched them writhe in a tight group amidst a fake turquoise coral, I started to wonder if there was room in the hobby for such aberrant or mutant fish. Read more...

[edit] New Blogs:

New this week: Aquarium Curator Jay Hemdal launches a new blog to share news and findings from the world of public aquaria with hobbyists. Read more...

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[edit] Tank Setup in 10 Simple Steps

Knowing you want a marine aquarium is not enough. You wouldn’t go into a car dealership and buy a new vehicle without first making at least a mental checklist of the features you absolutely need, the options you might like, and an idea of how much you want to spend. Read more...

[edit] Game Wardens Seizing Banned Pet Amphibians

They are a known invasive species, growing large and predatory, posing a threat to native fishes, smaller frogs, birds, and other aquatic life. A Florida company is marketing African Clawed Frogs as tadpoles to unsuspecting mail-order buyers in states where they are banned. Read more...

[edit] Model Aquariums

To start the thought process for planning a new community aquarium, and to highlight some combinations that expert aquarists have found to work, here are some models that can easily be replicated using readily available species, all profiled on this site.

Marine Communities | Freshwater Communities

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