Topaz Puffer

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Topaz Puffer

Common name  Topaz Puffer, Green Puffer, Ceylon Puffer

Image credit  NH

Maximum length  17 in

Minimum aquarium size  70 gal

Specific name  fluviatilis

Swimming level  All levels.

Text credit  KW

Water max temp  300 K (27 °C, 81 °F)

Water min temp  297 K (24 °C, 75 °F)

Water type  Freshwater

Family  Tetraodontidae +

Genus  Tetraodon +

Native range  Africa +, Nile River +, Niger River +, Volta River +, Chad River Basin +, Gambia +, Senegal +

Reference  101 Best Tropical Fishes +

Categories  Species +


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