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Linckia laevigata, Blue Linckia Starfish. Janine Cairns-Michael

[edit] Overview

This family of sea stars is characterized by rounded, serpentine arms and noteworthy powers of regeneration if body parts are lost.


Native range:

Taxonomic rank: Family

Common name: SEA STARS

Total known Total profiles
Subfamilies 0 0
Genera 31 9
Species 0 6

[edit] Subfamilies


[edit] Genera

  • Ferdina
  • Fromia
  • Gomophia
  • Leiaster
  • Linckia
  • Nardoa
  • Neoferdina
  • Ophidiaster
  • Ophiomaza

[edit] Species

  • Blue Linckia Starfish
  • Elegant Sea Star
  • Ghardaqana Sea Star
  • Nodous Sea Star
  • Porous Sea Star
  • Spotted Linckia Sea Star

Reference: A PocketExpert Guide to Marine Invertebrates
Image credit: SWM
Text credit: SWM