Moonlight Gourami

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Trichogaster microlepsis - (Günther, 1861)
Moonlight Gourami

A gourami with metallic highlights and best suited to communities of larger but mild-mannered fishes.


The Moonlight Gourami is a metallic beauty that attains a respectable size, but is bit shy and sensitive, so it should only be kept with the most docile of tankmates.

Family: Osphronemidae

Other common name(s):

Native range:

Habitat: Trichogaster microlepis prefers an aquarium densely planted with sturdy plants, such as giant Vallisneria and Java fern. Fine-leaved plants will be pecked to death, and the rotting leaves will cause water-quality deterioration. Provide cover in the form of driftwood and aquarium ornaments for this shy species to get out of the limelight when necessary. Good filtration and regular water changes are a must.

Maximum length: 15 cm (6 in)

Minimum aquarium size: 152 L (40 gal)

Water: Freshwater 22 °C (72 °F) - 26 °C (79 °F)

General swimming level: Midwater to top.


Omnivore. The Moonlight Gourami is not difficult to feed and will accept a wide variety of flake, frozen, freeze-dried and live foods. This is a timid species, so take care to ensure that the Moonlight Gourami is actually receiving the food.

Aquarium Compatibility

The Moonlight Gourami should be kept with fishes of similar size and meek temperament. Obtain a small group—one male to two females—to make them feel more comfortable.


Builds bubblenests that include bits of plants. Lowered water levels and tank covers are necessary for breeding success.


Their bodies are easily damaged with rough handling and care must be taken when moving this fish.

Reference: 101 Best Tropical Fishes
Image credit: JJ
Text credit: KW