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YourLogoHere.jpg Matala USA is the distribution coordinator for Matala pond and aquaculture products in the U.S.

Matala products are useful in many diverse industries such as aquaculture, waste water treatment, storm water run-off, iron removal, ponds and water gardens, aquariums and polyculture.

Matala media and products are being used worldwide to great success. Their media is especially versatile and considered to be a leading filter media choice for many applications. Matala products are leading the way to new concepts in filtration with quality being their number one criteria. {{{short_description}}}

Organization type: Wholesale Merchant

Matala USA
20452 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
North America

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City Laguna Beach  +
Continent North America  +
Country US  +
Directory type Sources - Pond Filters  +, Sources - Filter Media  +, Sources - Air Pumps  +, Sources - Water Pumps  +, Sources - UV Sterilizers  +, and Sources - Pond Accessories  +
Image YourLogoHere.jpg  +
Organization name Matala USA  +
Organization type Wholesale Merchant  +
Phone 949-376-3550  +
Postal code 92651  +
Region code CA  +
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Street address 20452 Laguna Canyon Road  +
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