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Macduff Aquarium

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[edit] Nice View

Located on the lovely Aberdeenshire coast in the traditional fishing town of Macduff, the Aquarium features marine life from Scotland’s Moray Firth bay and deep ocean. The central exhibit is an awe-inspiring living kelp reef in a deep ocean-topped tank where divers feed fish out of their hands.

[edit] Sea Lab

After looking, head to the Lab to touch some of the organisms that live in Moray Firth and surrounding areas. Zoom in on your favorite organisms with an underwater camera.

[edit] Online Games

The Website has a wealth of learning games that users can download, including directions for building an origami angelfish.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Macduff Aquarium
11 High Shore
Macduff, AB44 1SL
01261 833369

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Facts about Macduff AquariumRDF feed
City Macduff  +
Continent Europe  +
Country Scotland  +
Image macduff.gif  +
Organization name Macduff Aquarium  +
Organization type Public Aquaria  +
Phone 01261 833369  +
Postal code AB44 1SL  +
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Street address 11 High Shore  +
URL  +

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