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Dermogenys pusilla, Freshwater or Wrestling Halfbeak. Aaron Norman

[edit] Overview

Halfbeaks are mostly marine species, closely related to the Flying Fishes. Some species are found in brackish waters and others in freshwater environments.

Many are delicate fishes that make nervous aquarium residents, often dashing about and injuring themselves. Not recommended for most aquarists.


Native range:

Taxonomic rank: Family

Common name: Halfbeaks

Total known Total profiles
Subfamilies 0 0
Genera 12 1
Species 85 1

Feeding: Carnivores. Feed on insects, worms, and crustaceans.

Notes: Some references use the Family name Hemiramphidae.

The name is derived from the Greek: hemi = half and "rhamphos" = beak.

[edit] Subfamilies


[edit] Genera

[edit] Species