Green Cabomba

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Cabomba caroliniana - (A. Gray, 1837)
Green Cabomba

When Cabomba gets too long, snip off the tops and plant them. MP & C Piednoir


This is a wonderful background plant for starting new aquariums, where the fast growth is a real asset. Its bright color and delicate-looking, feathery leaves offer excellent contrast for other plants in the aquascape. It is a true aquatic plant that does not grow emersed, though the flowers will poke above the water. Herbivorous fishes are quite fond of Cabomba leaves and Goldfish will strip the leaves faster than they can grow back, which is really saying something!

Family: Cabombaceae

Other common name(s):

  • Carolina Fanwort

Native range:

Habitat: Lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, etc., with slow-flowing and even stagnant waters.

Maximum height: 80 cm (31 in)

Lighting: Bright

Placement: Sides and back of the aquarium.

Water: Freshwater 20 °C (68 °F) - 25 °C (77 °F)


Micronutrients enhance form and color; CO2 not required.


Cuttings will root when planted in the substrate. Stem fragments will produce new plants.


Green Cabomba is a fast-growing perennial stem plant that can be a nuisance because of its speedy growth habit. It requires regular pruning or less-than-ideal conditions to keep it from taking over the tank.

Be particularly conscientious about keeping your Cabomba out of the waterways. It can be a real pest, crowding out native species and clogging waterways for recreational and aesthetic use.

Reference: 101 Best Aquarium Plants
Image credit: MPC
Text credit: MES