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Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation

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The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex

Dr. Tatiana cover.jpg


Pages: 320

List price: $15.00

Publisher: Vintage; New Ed edition

Year published: 2003

ISBN: 0099283751

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[edit] Reviews

Finally, a how-to guide, in the guise of a Q&A advice column, for marching, flying, or slithering into the battle of the sexes, whatever your species. In this entertaining and informative book, evolutionary biologist Olivia Judson presents "letters" from sexually frustrated animals, birds, and insects who ask "Dr. Tatiana" to explain some sexual oddity. For example, "Don't Wanna Be Butch in Botswana" writes, "I'm a spotted hyena, a girl. The only trouble is, I've got a large phallus. I can't help feeling that this is unladylike. What's wrong with me?" Each question leads Dr. T. into a fascinating explanation about the sex life of this species, sprinkled with sprightly stories about other species with similar attributes or behavior. You'll learn why one stick-insect copulation lasts for 10 weeks (to prevent other males from gaining access to the fertile female) and why the black-winged damselfly's penis has bristles (to scrape out his rival's sperm). You'll learn that male and female orangutans masturbate with sex toys fashioned from leaves and twigs, that slugs are hermaphrodites with penises on their heads, and that females in more than 80 species eat their lovers before, during, or after sex. You'll also ponder human sexuality when you learn that "monogamy is one of the most deviant behaviors in biology" (although jackdaws, chinstrap penguins, California mice, and some termites swear by it) and "natural selection, it seems, often smiles on strumpets."

Highly recommended--you'll read this through just for the fun of it and have plenty of odd facts with which to dazzle your dinner companions.

--Joan Price, Amazon Reviews

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Author Olivia Judson  +
ISBN 0099283751  +
Image Dr. Tatiana cover.jpg  +
List price $15.00  +
Pages 320  +
Publisher Vintage; New Ed edition  +
Subtitle The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex  +
Year published 2,003  +
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