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Aquarium of the Lakes

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[edit] A River’s Life

Located on the shores of Lake Windemere in Cumbria, the Aquarium highlights the journey of a river from its source at the top of a mountain to the sea. Along the way, the river supports animal life, which is featured in land and water exhibits. Animals include pike, char, otters, blind cave fish, tropical frogs and giant land snails.

[edit] Immerse Yourself

Venture into the underground tunnel to view diving ducks, then watch local species of sharks and rays swim in huge tanks.

[edit] Make a Weekend of it

Like what you see? Stay awhile at one of the many cozy cabins on the lake shore and take a steamer boat tour.

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Organization type: Public Aquaria

Aquarium of the Lakes
Lakeside Newby Bridge
Cumbria, LA12 8AS
44 (0)15395 30153

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