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Giant grouper.jpg

Giant Grouper at the new Georgia Aquarium. Diliff/GNU/Wikimedia

Sites Worth Visiting

Aquarium Keeping: Marine & Freshwater

Wet Web Media

  • Aquariums, Fish and Aquatic Information

Tropical Fish Hobbyist

  • Monthly Magazine: Freshwater, Saltwater, Reefs, Plants, Ponds and more.

Freshwater Aquariums & Fishes


  • Freshwater species profiles, rainforest conservation news and articles. Edited by Rhett A. Butler.

Badman's Tropical Fish

  • A freshwater aquarium page covering all aspects of the hobby.

First Tank Guide

  • Informal, non-commercial guidance for beginning aquarium keepers.


  • Solid information on the genus Pterophyllum, freshwater angelfishes.

Marine Aquariums

Marine Ecology & Biology

Link Directories & Information Resources

Aquarium Nexus

  • "The core aquarium sites directory."


  • Large directory of links for aquarium keepers: "Your Guide to Aquarium Resources on the Internet."

  • Tropical fish information: Designed for beginners with how-to guides, FAQs, articles, fish profiles, forums, and more.

Public Aquariums & Zoos [The Microcosm Aquarium Explorer Directory]

Photography & Images

Digital Reefs

  • UK aquatic photographer John Clipperton's aquarium photography site with portfolio of his work.

Fonds-ecran/ Destination Tanganyika

  • Images of African fishes.