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Not for the Faint of Heart

Located right next to Sydney Wildlife World, the Aquarium is the most popular tourist destination in Australia. Rightly so. Its latest addition is a glass-bottomed boat ride in the shark tank for the braver souls. The big fish in the tank include lemon sharks, black tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, shark rays, shovel-nose rays and trigger fish.

More Danger Awaits

The Aquarium’s most popular exhibit is the Great Barrier Reef tank, a 2.6 million gallon exhibit. Curious visitors also love the underwater walkway and the Dangerous Creatures exhibit, which showcases stonefish, blue-ringed octopus, crocodiles, lionfish, rabbitfish, pufferfish, platypus, cone shells, red rockcod and sea urchins—not all in the same tank, of course!

A More Sensible Option

For visitors who aren’t feeling too risky, the Aquarium offers exhibits showcasing various Australian river and ocean ecosystems, including the Murray Darling River and the rough waters of the southern coast. Animals in these displays range from giant cuttlefish to brilliant lobsters.


The Aquarium is dedicated to conservation efforts, especially issues pertaining to the Great Barrier Reef. They fund studies on the effects of pesticides and fertilizers, as well as trawling and climate change.

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Sydney Aquarium
Aquarium Pier Darling Harbour
Sydney, NSW 2000

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