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YourLogoHere.jpg Sun Pet Ltd. is your Complete Livestock Wholesaler. They proudly offer an overwhelming selection of freshwater fish and plants, garden pond fish and plants, marine fish and invertebrates, live foods, and select dry goods.

Their marine specimens are acclimated from ocean water to synthetic seawater, as a service to the retailer. Their acclimation systems are sophisticated, and their procedures are designed to produce the most well acclimated animal in the industry.

Sun Pet Ltd. offers several types of dry and frozen foods and a large selection of fish books. They also carry the Ruby Reef line of reef safe medications, and the Microbe Life line of stabilized bacteria additives. {{{short_description}}}

Organization type: Wholesale Merchant

Sun Pet
3765 Zip Industrial Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30354
North America

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