Neale Monks

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Zoologist and author Neale Monks with the skull of a Chasmosaurus at the University of Nebraska State Museum.
Photo by Brett Hampton/UNL Communications.

Neale Monks.jpg Neale Monks is a native Londoner.

Neale placed first in his class from the University of Aberdeen, and went on to receive a Ph.D. from the Natural History Museum in London. He has served as visiting professor at the University of Nebraska State Museum, working with both marine and terrestrial fossils.

Today, Neale continues to write books and magazine articles on a regular basis. He has written for Australian Aquarium, Aquarium Fish International, Practical Fishkeeping, Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and others.

He is a Microcosm Aquarium Explorer contributing editor. Neale Monks is the author of: