Goldbelly Damsel

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Pomacentrus auriventris - Allen, 1991
Goldbelly Damsel

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Brilliantly colored and one of the more peaceful damselfishes. Scott W. Michael


A truly eyecatching beauty with deep-blue and bright-yellow chromatic highlights, this species readily settles into most home aquariums and has a more subdued temper than many other damselfishes.

Family: Pomacentridae

Other common name(s):

Native range:

Habitat: Reef, rubble areas and with macroalgae. Hiding places are essential to give this small species a sense of security.

Maximum length: 7.1 cm (3 in)

Minimum aquarium size: 76 L (20 gal)

Water: Marine 24 °C (75 °F) - 28 °C (82 °F)

General swimming level: Mid-level to bottom.


Omnivore. Feed meaty and algae-based foods at least once a day. Regular offerings of color-enhancing foods can help maintain its intense pigmentation.

Aquarium Compatibility

This damselfish can be kept with less aggressive species if the tank is larger and it is added to the tank after its more sociable neighbors are settled. In a smaller aquarium, it may pick on newly introduced fishes. More than one Goldbelly can be housed in the same tank, but aggression within the group is less likely if the tank is larger and hiding places are plentiful. Adding a group of younger fish simultaneously also decreases the likelihood of conflict. They are not a threat to ornamental invertebrates and are a great choice for tanks with corals, giant clams and other reef creatures.


Demersal (on or near the bottom) spawners that tend and protect their broods.


The Goldbelly Damsel adds color and interest to any aquarium, spending most of its time sculling just above the substrate or peering from a preferred hideout.

Reference: 101 Best Saltwater Fishes
Image credit: SWM
Text credit: SWM