Aquarium of the Pacific

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Aquarium of the Pacific

World’s Largest Ocean

The 142,000 gallon Southern California/Baja gallery features seals, sea lions, garibaldi (the California state fish), giant spined sea stars, California scorpionfish, Mexican lookdowns, and butterflyfishes unique to the Sea of Cortez. In the Northern Pacific Gallery, which focuses on life in the Bering sea, visitors can see sea otters and a giant Pacific octopus.

Gaze upon Western Snowy Plovers, Killdeer, Ruddy Ducks, and other species at the Shorebird Sanctuary. Check out thousands of reef fish at the Tropical Pacific Gallery, which also holds sea turtles, blacktip reef sharks, porcupine puffers, groupers, live coral, blue Napolean wrasse, seahorses, and sea dragons. The aquarium was the first place to successfully breed weedy sea dragons in captivity.

Look, Ma, No Hands!

The Shark Lagoon is home to 150 sharks and rays, some of which visitors are invited to touch, and some which are only for looking at. Visitors can touch zebra, bamboo and epaulette sharks; one must be content to simply watch the sand tiger, sandbar, nurse and whitetip sharks. Be sure to pay a visit to the resident water squirting squid.


The Aquarium offers many programs aimed at children; field trips include the opportunity to touch sea anemones and to learn about survival adaptations. The Aquarium on Wheels is a mobile tidepool exhibit that roves around the area, bringing fun and education wherever it goes.

Online Audio Special

Visit the online Whales: Voices of the Sea exhibit to hear the calls of humpback, sperm, gray, blue, beaked and Northern right whales. {{{short_description}}}

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Aquarium of the Pacific


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